Taxi fare from Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem

Cost of a taxi from Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem

Approximate Cost of a taxi from Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem is around 80$ (US) during the week and 90$ on at weekends. The price includes a direct private Taxi ride from TLV Airport to Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem taxi fare estimate

there are a few things that can affect the taxi ride price from TLV Airport to Jerusalem:

Traffic conditions: If there is heavy traffic it can affect the price of the taxi ride.

Night surcharge: If you arrived at TLV AIRPORT in the middle of the night, the taxi fare may be higher.

Luggage: If you have more than 4 large suitcases you will need a Big taxi van which will make the price of the ride more expensive.

TLV airport to Jerusalem cab fare quote

The most accurate way to get a taxi fare at TLV airport is to ask one of the licensed taxi drivers what the fare is.

Here are tips for getting the best price on a taxi from TLV airport to Jerusalem:

Book a taxi in advance from company  easily via WhatsApp 24 hours.

Booking a taxi in advance in Israel is extremely important when you travel during peak hours.

Many taxi drivers in Israel agree to give a discount on the fare if you pay in cash. it is recommended to ask the driver about this before starting the ride.

Travel cost from Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem

Fare from Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem

Taxi prices on TLV Airport can vary depending on the travel time, and travel distance. The prices may also vary depending on the type of taxi (regular, Big Van taxi or accessible taxi).

the time of the ride also has a large effect on the price of the taxi. (travel during the day or at night)

The price of a taxi can vary depending on the traffic situation. if you travel during peak hours according to a taxi meter, you will probably pay more money than traveling when the roads are free.

Comparing taxi prices in Israel

Everyone who travels by taxi likes to know in advance the price of the ride from TLV Airport to Jerusalem.

get a personalized quote for you:

if you want to know the price of the ride in advance, we invite you to call our 24-hour reservation center to get more information.

Also, company  has a price list showing the prices of taxi trips to/from TLV Airport.

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FAQ page

It is not possible to provide a specific price for the trip from your point of departure to Ben Gurion Airport, since we do not have relevant current information regarding your trip.

Also, taxi prices may change for various reasons, so it is not possible to commit to specific prices.

We can provide general information such as:

The price of a taxi ride to Ben Gurion Airport may vary depending on your location, the exact distance to the destination (Terminal 3 or Terminal 1), the type of taxi, and the travel time.

If you want to know the exact price for your trip, we recommend calling right now using the phone or WhatsApp number listed on our website to receive a personalized quote for you. In addition, you can order a taxi in advance.

It is important to make sure that you understand the price of the trip before you get into the taxi and that there is no addition to the fare that you are not aware of.

The price of a taxi ride in Israel depends on the taxi company, some taxi services may cost you an additional fee.

This may vary depending on your specific travel details. There may be an additional charge for travel from remote areas, or for travel late at night.

You can use the apps of taxi services or check the official websites of taxi companies in your area of residence.

This way you can avoid unexpected costs of the taxi fare to Ben Gurion Airport.

Please note that the payment of extras can vary between taxi companies, so it is advisable to get information from each company separately.

The method of payment for a taxi ride to Israel may vary between the taxi drivers and the area where you live.

The Tic Tac taxi company offers the option of paying in several ways such as:

cash, or credit card. We make every effort to adapt to the needs of passengers and make payment easier. We We recommend that you let us know in advance which payment method you intend to pay so that we can send you the appropriate driver and taxi.

Here are some of the common ways to pay for a taxi ride:

1. Cash: Most taxi services in Israel accept payment in cash, it is recommended to prepare an exact amount of money in advance or close to the estimated fare.

2. Credit card: many taxi drivers in Israel allow payment by credit card, however, sometimes there can be communication problems or other technical problems for which you cannot pay by credit. (reasons that do not depend on the driver). That's why we recommend letting the driver know before the trip that you wish to pay by credit card to avoid any inconvenience.

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